Saturday, February 2, 2013

An Interesting 2013 awaits us !

We understand that this has come little late, still it's better now than never. We had a spectacular year in 2012. We launched the platform  in June-July and grew to become one of the most dominant services marketplace, not just in Portugal, but also in Europe. We were liked by tens of thousands of people around us, & the Media put a big long spotlight on us and we can't thank you all enough. We were also named as the Best Creative company and Most Promising Start-Ups of 2012, by two leading Media Companies in Portugal. Thanks once again for making this happen.

  Well, we don't intend to stop here. We have big ambitions, big goals and a long year ahead of us. We want to expand our foot-print into other European Countries, provide a seamless service that touches the millions of people, while not slowing down our growth in Portugal. As a first delivery of our long list of promises, we have given our community an all new platform, with better User Interface, and tons of new features. We do understand that there is a long path to go, to have the most complete platform. We are working hard, and you'll be seeing more new features in the coming weeks and months. I do not want to break the surprises early, please stay hooked to the blog/site to learn about it at the right moment.

 Having said that, we do want to hear from you, we have an open door at our office and  you are welcome to visit us there or shoot us an email to info(at)zaask(dot)com.